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Welcome, dear visitor. We hope to make this a refreshing oasis on your journey through the internet. This site’s purpose is to reflect a little good through the earth. All good comes from God, the Light of the heavens and the earth. There is nothing more fulfilling than being in harmony with God’s light and radiating it through yourself and your environment.

There’s a new book on the way: “Experience the Heights of Symbolic Literature with the Quran.” It presents a refreshing perspective on exploring the tafseer, the meaning of the Quran, using the Quran itself and the symbolic literature all throughout its verses.

This blog will share all things divine, all things natural, and all things spiritual through the light of the Quran, including  all of the content of the book mentioned above. We hope that you benefit! And if you do, please give us a prayer and support our work however you can.

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