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The You of God

The Creator is Enough


God is enough

If we but knew (4:45, 132).

He it is

That made you

in the wombs,

formed you,

however He pleased (3:6),

Adorned you (40:64)


No changing

God’s creation (30:30)

Neither body

Nor other.


He is enough

as Creator,



If we but knew (59:24)


You are God’s You.

Seeking validation

outside this truth?

In the empty

outside of you?


With dazzled speech

We forsake

God’s completeness

And replace it

With emptiness,


Change it?


Communal Lies

That deride

the Divinely



Pushing aside

God’s You


God is enough.

You know this true.


The truth

That’s written

In every code

Divinely wrote—


That makes you,


Honesty with God’s Light 4

Being Honest with God's Light

I, Me, My

fear, lust, lies:

All doubt

Is set alight

by the Sun,

Giver’s Light,

Your Sweetness

Shines Waves of Warm



Until the dark

Is gone


Only in

The Unseen

Is Confidence


For all—

and sicknesses

of trustless-ness



Life is witness

Our experiences

Are witness

To God’s Existence


Belief in Unseen

Is but the Summit

Of all Seen

Follow Surah Fatihah

Follow Surah Fatihah Not Path of Calf

Through time’s woven patterns

We see History



In our own time—

Our life—

we see




In Surah Fatiha

we read

“Guide us on the straight path

Not the path of those

Who earned anger

Nor of those who go astray”

This speaks

Of history

A pattern of behavior

Choose the pattern best

To repeat:

The Straight Path:

The path of Growing, Learning,

Reforming and Performing

Kind Acts,

Honesty, Humility

Don’t follow the way,

The path,

of other religious communities,

misled or wronging,

But how did they stray?

In what thing

did they engage?


the calf (4:153)

The symbol of the herd,

To blindly serve

“Whatever” Leaders

Whether religious or others

Nay, should you serve

God First,


before you serve

the community dearest

nearest to you

that community is not you

God is He that our identity

belongs to

From the Truth, Never Swerve

Even if it be against you or yours

rich or poor (4:135)

Or Against Your calf.


If you do not,

you will follow the path

of communities other

That do the same

And fail.