The You of God

The Creator is Enough


God is enough

If we but knew (4:45, 132).

He it is

That made you

in the wombs,

formed you,

however He pleased (3:6),

Adorned you (40:64)


No changing

God’s creation (30:30)

Neither body

Nor other.


He is enough

as Creator,



If we but knew (59:24)


You are God’s You.

Seeking validation

outside this truth?

In the empty

outside of you?


With dazzled speech

We forsake

God’s completeness

And replace it

With emptiness,


Change it?


Communal Lies

That deride

the Divinely



Pushing aside

God’s You


God is enough.

You know this true.


The truth

That’s written

In every code

Divinely wrote—


That makes you,


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